Early Childhood Development in English

From $2.95/lesson
Only the internet and a computer or tablet are needed
Your child can study
at any time
All your child needs to study is access to the Internet,
a computer or a tablet
Your child will study on their own and you will be free!
Your child will speak English in the first lesson
Your child will love our lessons and look forward to them as if they were cartoons!
From $2.95/lesson
Only the internet and a computer or tablet are needed
Your child can study
at any time
All your child needs to study is access to the Internet,
a computer or a tablet

You’ll see your child’s progress after just one week

Why do children start speaking English with us so quickly?

Children learn the language through play

They enjoy English and want to study more! They love the lessons as much as their favourite cartoon

Children speak English for more than 60% of the time during our lessons

Children speak English more than 60% of the time, starting from the very first lesson, even if they have never studied English before

Our lessons are all in English

Children are completely immersed in the language and easily understand it through the context provided. Translation would make the lessons long and complicated

Our lessons are based on the most natural teaching method for children: the “Say Method”

Children listen to English speech, play, repeat phrases and then start to use them in real life— just like they learnt their mother tongue. It’s natural and easy. That’s why our students love English!

Feedback from parents

Video reviews
Text reviews
Elena Baranova

The course is the bomb! It exceeded all my expectations! Before, my kid wasn’t interested in English at all. I’m amazed by the results we got for only 2,5 weeks.

Olga Shanova

The lessons are interesting. My kid became interested from the very first lesson. They began to learn new phrases, repeated words, and completed the worksheets with pleasure.

Elena Kirillova

This is a very good alternative to traditional classes. So if parents want to get good results I highly recommend considering this course.

Anna Lidyeva

My kid can say 3 English phrases after 5 lessons. The lessons are well-structured and interesting as well as short (about 20-25 minutes) enough so that even fidgeting kids can sit through them.

Anna Lidyeva
Evgenia Kapustina

My son is 9 years old. He has been taking Little Lily’s course for almost a whole year. Before it, he didn't know any English at all and had no desire to learn it. I tried to take him to an English learning center but with no success. He didn't say a word and refused to repeat or reply to very simple questions. Actually, even during his first class with Little Lily, he didn't want to participate as well. But, gradually, he started to show interest. Soon he started rushing to the screen when he heard the intro playing. We quickly mastered the first stage and got a lot of knowledge.

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Anna Lidyeva
Katerina Samarina

The course is well structured. The lessons are the ideal duration and immerse kids into the language without boring them. We’ve never finished a class tired and we always had loads of energy to sing the final song. All the activities are done in a playful way. That's awesome! We were learning through play. Thanks to the course, my child isn't afraid of English. He tries to read at school and repeats new words and phrases from the teacher. Method SAY is working!

Full review
Anna Lidyeva
Julia Prokhorova

I'm so thankful to the Little Lily team for their interactive and exciting learning process and I would like to share our results! I have 2 kids, aged 7 and 9. Now we are finishing the second stage. My younger one likes doing worksheets and always asks to give her more. While she is doing them, she repeats English phrases. She also likes colouring and counting. I'm so happy she doesn't have a language barrier. She has no fear of making mistakes, answers questions without thinking a lot, and, hopefully, correctly :)

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Anna Lidyeva
Sabina Zhilina

I'm very grateful for your course! First, I bought it for myself to improve my spoken English. But, when my 6 years old daughter saw it, she said she also wanted to know English! So I bought 1 month of classes just to try. We are on the 4th week, and I see how delighted she is with them and the great results she has. When we were going on holiday, I offered her to freeze the course but she said NO! So I took all the print-outs and now we are watching the lessons on the phone :) I would like to show you how our lessons are going:

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Anna Lidyeva
Maria Chebukina

Hooray! Today we've finished the 30th class and completed our first reward chart! I'm very happy we started to learn English this way. My sons look forward to new lessons and crafts. They have even started to use some English phrases in their lives. In my opinion, these results are great! We will definitely go on. Moreover, the classes are useful even for me :) I'm learning new phrases and improving my pronunciation. So we are watching the lessons altogether! Here is our video:

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Anna Lidyeva
Natalia Slobodchikova

Hello everyone! My little son is only 3 years old. We started to study with Julia when he was 2,8. When I was studying in London and Edinburgh, I saw how they work with kids in kindergarten and nurseries there. So I was looking for something similar here. Something educational that was playful, exciting as well as effective for little ones. I can now say for sure that this course is the best one for my son. I chose this course for my son because it perfectly matches my expectations of how English should be learned.

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Anna Lidyeva
Dasha Balatskaya

Initially, I was very skeptical, but then my 4 years old kid started to say English phrases after 1 week of studying. I was so surprised when suddenly she said: “Mom, I'm hungry!”. We have almost done the first month now and every new week she is learning new phrases. The lessons are very interesting, and Nastya usually asks me to study together! Everything in the course is made to enthrall kids: from the heroes to the stickers. We are so happy we found you!

Full review
Anna Lidyeva
Tatiana Mozolevskaya

Hello! My son, Kostya (5 years old), started to play with Julia in March. I speak English badly, but now I have an opportunity to improve it thanks to the "English Only” rule in the classes. Kostya is always asking me something, whether it be to get a pencil or scissors or just to say: “Mom, come here!”. It makes me so happy! Throughout the day he always says something in English, sings the songs, and does some counting. We didn't have enough time to complete the course (I didn't know we could freeze it). I recommend this course for kids who are about to start their English journey! It's very simple, just needs some regularity.

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Anna Lidyeva
Olga Bazhina

Hi! We've just finished the first month. My kids enjoy it a lot! After waking up, they say: English, English! We watch the lessons again and again on the weekends and during our free time. We know all the songs, do the warm-up exercises, and like the crafts a lot! They even play in English. I’m in awe at their amazing pronunciation! My elder child started to read (although she hasn’t started learning all the letters). My 4 years old daughter repeats less, but sings all the songs and does the warm-up in English. Thank you!

Full review
Anna Lidyeva
Ekaterina Bliznakova

Hi there! Dearest Julia, I want to say thank you to you and your team for creating such a wonderful course! I can only give it the best score! I'm a mom of three lovely daughters aged 2, 5, and 7. They had a very low level of English (they just knew some colours, numbers, and days of the week). They are watching your classes by themselves (without my participation!) and they've just done 60 classes! Vera (the oldest one) has the best results (I guess it's because she has great motivation) and she likes you a lot :) Sasha (the middle one) is motivated by stickers. And my little one just copies her sisters and dances. Most importantly, they all SPEAK!

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Target audience

Tasks have two levels of difficulty, so our course is suitable for any age
Younger children Younger children

For children to speak English quickly with no barriers like their native language

Preschoolers Preschoolers

For children to avoid future language problems at school and help them fall in love with English. This is a great age to start studying

Primary school students Primary school students

For children who don’t like English at school or find it difficult. Parents will save tons of money that would have been spent on preparing for exams or university!

How Little Lily’s course works:

A set of interactive video tutorials that look like a children’s TV show

The full course consists of 180 lessons and lasts 9 months. The course is divided into 3 levels of 60 lessons that last 3 months. You can choose the number of lessons to purchase starting from 1 month, 3 months or you can buy the entire 9 month course.

Short and very interesting lessons that last 15-25 minutes

Our short lessons keep your child’s attention and interest and can easily be taken 5 times a week. All lessons are based on two core principles: speaking (using the SAY method) and fun.

Children can study at any time and on any device with Internet access

The lessons are held on a convenient platform for online learning and are available from any computer, tablet and smartphone with Internet access.

More than just English

Each lesson, children complete activities in English with our native speakers and Yulia.
These activities and games lay a strong and deep foundation for English.
Children who finish our course know the language fully and speak English with pleasure.
Learning to count Learning to count
Colouring Colouring
Developing logic Developing logic
Dancing Dancing
Doing sports Doing sports
Learning to write Learning to write
Learning to sing Learning to sing
Developing fine motor skills Developing fine motor skills
Developing attention Developing attention
Enroll your child

Excellent system for motivating children

In each lesson, children develop, have fun and take a step up in their reward chart (using stickers). Both you and the child can see the material covered, as well as the interesting things that lie ahead! View the course materials

Parent support system

Detailed instructions for parents (video guide along with a detailed description of all the materials).
Parents don't need to know English to teach their children with the Little Lily course!
Support from personal assistants 7 days a week. We can answer technical questions and share advice from methodologists and teachers.

The course is taught by the creator of the SAY method Yulia Gorbovskaya and native speakers from the UK and the USA.

Yulia Gorbovskaya, the creator of the SAY method, is a teacher with 12+ years of experience and a graduate from universities in Australia, the USA and Russia. She has taught 3,500+ children and teachers.

We are changing the whole concept of ​​teaching English to children.

First of all, we teach English through play rather than studying it as a subject.

The results are obvious: children fall in love with the new language and start using it in daily life after only one month!

The course fills 100% of the gaps in the school curriculum and helps children become top in their class.

What children will master:

After 1 month

20 lessons
  • Children are interested in English and want to watch the lessons
  • They follow the lesson with enthusiasm and understand what it is about
  • They know over 60 phrases
  • They can confidently pronounce long phrases

After 3 months

60 lessons
  • Children know 150+ of the most important and essential phrases for life
  • They can start a conversation in English and give detailed answers to 10+ topics
  • They feel comfortable when immersed in the language
  • They enjoy watching cartoons and shows in English
  • They can quickly complete exercises which test attention and logic

After 9 months

180 lessons
  • Children fluently tell stories on many topics using their own words
  • They speak with a good accent (dramatic progress compared to when they started)
  • Fluently read in English
  • Communicate freely on 20+ topics
  • Know and understand 30+ songs
  • Build complete sentences and give complete answers instead of simple «Yes», «Black» etc.
  • Their fluency is equal to children who have been on a regular course for 3-4 years


Do not worry about your child’s pronunciation during the first month! The most important thing at the start is that your child is having fun and is trying to speak. This is very important because enjoying the lessons is a key factor when it comes to studying. Pronunciation will be improved on later. Julia (our teacher) will show and explain to you how to pronounce sounds and how to train your child, while your personal assistant will always help if you have any questions about pronunciation and test your child.
If you wish, you can improve your own English! Parents don’t have to be involved in the learning process.
Our course will allow your child to speak freely and understand speech audibly. The things their teacher says in class won’t seem like weird rules about a weird language. Your child will understand their teacher, finish their school work with ease and, as a result, do better at school.
When we were learning our native language in childhood, nobody translated it for us into any other language. In our course, learning takes place naturally. The lessons are made in such a way that children absorb the language as simply and quickly as possible!
We are located in Russia, but the location has no relation to the lessons. This is a video course that can be watched from anywhere in the world – all you need is access to the Internet.
The course is suitable for children aged 3 to 9. Video lessons are the same for the entire age group and are not graded by levels. The materials are provided in two levels of difficulty: for younger children and for older children. The vocabulary studied on the course is required at any age. If your child is older, they will probably find it a bit easier for the first month, but you need to start from the very beginning as the program is built as a single course. If you don’t we cannot guarantee the results.